" It is better to imitate ancient than modern work"

Leonardo da Vinci


Stress is something we are all familiar with, and it can affect our emotions, our body, our health, our productivity and our behaviour in various ways. Heka is a friendly intelligent agent, acting as a personal assistant that allows you to keep track of your stress and helps you manage it. It is a smart fidget that uses various sensors, more specifically temperature, pressure and heart rate, in order to learn your stress patterns and alleviate it, by releasing warmth when you feel in need of comfort and responding to your touch. 

Heka consists of 2 modes, a breathing exercise (following the 4-7-8 method, researched to be very effective) and a game mode, in which Heka interacts with you and distracts you from the stress.

Studies have shown that only 1% of people experiencing hearing loss in the USA know sign language. Sign Room is a game that allows hearing impaired people as well as hearing people to learn sign language, stimulating them in working together. The goal of Sign Room is teaching the players sign language by completing puzzle-minigames. It is designed as both a multiplayer and remote-play game, with multiple levels, so that you are able to play whether you are a beginner or have a higher level of proficiency in sign language.

Two teams battle each other during this game: the Room Runners and the Room Master. The goal of the Room Runners is to to get the key inside the globe by completing all the puzzles provided by the cards (previously hidden by the Room Master) before the time runs out. The goal of the Room Master is to prevent the Room Runner from doing so, by challenging them to sign ‘battles’ and slowing them down.

Nico & Luna is a kinetic chain reaction mechanism through which a small metal ball is moving through a path and triggers multiple reactions out of the elements that are a part of the device. 

The mechanism works as follows:

Muscles tension and pain can cause not only health problems, but also stress. Masslight is a light massage machine which produces vibrations that spread around the most heavily-affected areas of the back and reduces the tension in the muscles, alleviating the pain. With the use of sensors implemented into comfortable and breathable e-textiles, mass light is designed to be worn at any point of the day, sitting or standing, while still being both efficient and comfortable.